Ця галерея з усіма галереями та композиціями всередині її буде вилучена і не може бути відтворена. Ви впевнені?

by people for the people: creativity rewards itself TM

Play responsibly: i) do not do what you do not want to be done to you and ii) do what you want do be done to you

Welcome to the Game of Beads: the game of Thoughts and Ideas!
The goal of the Game: meaningful enjoyment (whatever you consider meaningful and enjoyment). If you like shooting aliens, killing zombies, or any other actiony flashy games: check this portal to gaming portals.
If you one of these players of the Game of Life who sometimes think about the classical definition of the problem: To be or not to be - that is the question! - then you might find a new formulation more interesting: 2b and not 2b- how is the question!
And if you are still reading, then you are already in the Game because here- everything is a part of the first ever super-Game comprised all existing physical, mental, video, computer, and any other type of games!

You can play the Game on three levels:


Why Game of Beads: see here benefits of creative playing the Game of Thoughts and Ideas (TAI-Game), including financial reward through advertising: creativity rewards itselfTM!

Collaboration made easy: easy steps to offer your improvements to authors and still generate advertising revenues if you shoose to!

Super-Puzzle: examples of linked pieces of puzzlerelated to the famous Zeuss' The Cat in the Hat and a puzzle-in-a-puzzle, a short version of a book in Russian and English 

Creative Challenge-WWII: a contest for the best super-masterpiece honoring WWII solders - see details in English and Russian.