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by people for the people: creativity rewards itself TM

Play responsibly: i) do not do what you do not want to be done to you and ii) do what you want do be done to you

Welcome to the Game of Beads: the game of Thoughts and Ideas!
The goal of the Game: meaningful enjoyment (whatever you consider meaningful and enjoyment). If you like shooting aliens, killing zombies, or any other actiony flashy games: check this portal to gaming portals.
If you one of these players of the Game of Life who sometimes think about the classical definition of the problem: To be or not to be - that is the question! - then you might find a new formulation more interesting: 2b and not 2b- how is the question!
And if you are still reading, then you are already in the Game because here- everything is a part of the first ever super-Game comprised all existing physical, mental, video, computer, and any other type of games!

You can play the Game on three levels:


Current thread (central storyline) involves two teams of players: US and Russian (see here the pdf-file). The action happens in real life: you can choose Russian in the language selector to see their game. Players post their pieces of puzzle (POPs): digital stories about their Everyday Life Game, fictional stories, or any other type of information in text, image, audio, and video-formats. Other players can offer improvements and add their own POPs. You can also play the Game in the Role Playing Game (RPG) Forum format- adding pieces to a central thread here.
You can place advertisements and sponsor links on your pages and get financial rewards. Also, you can win prizes, license your original content, or sell it in the Game shop (is coming soon). The best POPs will be selected based on the popular rating and judging by a professional jury and published in a digital book. Also, you can publish your own POPs as a book and sell it in our shop or anywhere you want.

Interested? Read here more or jump to the piece of puzzle #1: the action starts at the Museum of the Super Modern Art (TM)! And, check this page for the International Federation of The Game of Beads Players