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by people for the people: creativity rewards itself TM

Play responsibly: i) do not do to others what you do not want them do to you and ii) do to others what you want them do to you


      Welcome to the Game of Beads on ecot - play and learn:
      - Level I -puzzle masterpieces of Art, Music, Literature in a piece of puzzle (POP) or create  your projects using existing pieces - see example
      - Level II -add your own pieces - see example
      - Level III -reality game- see example

      Our Creative Learning and Teaching (CLAT) system can be used for learning & teaching of various subjects
      and addresses important student needs:
      - learn creatively (by creating multimedia compositions) and showcase work
      - collaboration and social interaction
      - reward learning, creativity, collegial behavior and community work using novel reward mechanisms (patent pending)
      This is a trial, and we are still working on developing resources for each Gallery:

      Art  Music  Literature  Languages  Sciences  Math 

Best POPs (games) of the week
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Why Game of Beads: see here benefits of creative playing the Game of Thoughts and Ideas (TAI-Game), including financial reward through advertising: creativity rewards itselfTM and here a presentation on CreativE-Learning.

Collaboration made easy: easy steps to offer your improvements to authors and still generate advertising revenues if you choose to!