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What causes accidents?

Matt Graves

How do most people get hurt?  All accidents are caused by incidents! 

1.  Unsafe acts by "SELF"  90% : own actions cause or contribute to incident or injury.

2. Unsafe acts by "SOMEONE ELSE" 7%: someone else's behavior causes or contributes to incident or injury.

3. Unplanned events 3% :  something unexpected happens without you or someone else involved (i.e. cable breaks, coupling fails, hose burst, brakes don't work, etc.)


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Human factors are the cause of most accidents and injuries.  Some of the main reasons miners might do unsafe acts are: 

1. Lack of knowledge...did not know correct procedures

2. Rushing...personal reasons or pushed for production

3. Lack of focus...fatigue, hangover, frustrated, mind not on task

4. Overconfidence/complacent..."I've never been hurt before", "I've done it this way for years"

5. Taking chances..."I can beat the train" (the gambler playing the odds)

6. In the line of fire...placing oneself directly in front of hazardous energy

PREVENTION: Always make the Right Decision!

  • Always lockout/tagout/tryout energy sources.
  • Never go under materials or unsupported loads.
  • Always buckle-up your seat belt and safety harness.
  • Slow down, focus on the task at hand.
  • Never takes chances or short cuts.
  • Stay out of the line of fire with all energy sources.


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