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Safety: Food Processing Industry


From: Healthy Workplaces   Successful Strategies in the Food Processing Industry
What causes injuries related to manual handling and repetitive
The most common injuries to the back and neck may be caused by:
·  handling heavy loads
·  frequent and repetitive lifting
·  handling loads that are difficult or awkward to grip because of their size and shape
·  awkward postures while lifting, such as twisting, bending, or reaching
·  slipping on greasy or wet floors
·  extreme bending of the neck or back for long duration
You can take the following steps to prevent these injuries:
- Reduce physical exertion of the hands, arms, and shoulders.
- Reduce excessive gripping force.
- Design and organize the workplace to make manual handling easier.
- Provide lifting and handling equipment.
- Use safe techniques when handling loads.
- Provide training in manual handling skills.

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