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by people for the people: creativity rewards itself TM

Play responsibly: i) do not do to others what you do not want them do to you and ii) do to others what you want them do to you


      Welcome to Creative Learning and Teaching (CLAT) of Safety:
      - Access databases of text, sound, image, and video-files
      - Combine them in multi-media compositions and learn or in tutorials to teach - see how
      - Post to the Web, collaborate, and benefit from your creations - see how

      CLAT can be used by young students and experienced professionals - just think about it as a game of puzzle -of information in different formats:
      Level I - puzzle together existing information pieces
      Level II - add your own pieces
      Level III - Safety Games (similar to military games) - Safety drills, excersises, discussions, etc.

      We rely on the Web 2.0 & Open Information philosopy as much as we can: these sources are free!
      Become a member to use prorietary resources (licensed best safety training materials), have your own Gallery, and license/sell your own materials.
      We are working on galleries for each safety topic: see example of Mining Safety Gallery


Collaboration made easy: easy steps to offer your improvements to authors!
Creative Challenge (TM): a contest for the best trainee's and trainer's materials. 
Creative Rewards (TM): check here rewards mechanisms rewarding learning, creativity, collegeal behavior, and community service.