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Welcome to the portal for loan management! We are working on developing our novel solution for
managing any kind of loan: mortgage, car, boat, airplan, etc. At the moment, we are focusing on helping
both lenders and borrowers to cut losses on house foreclosures.
How it works
If you are a borrower:

Step 1: Find a preferred trade-out -- a house you can afford.
Step 2: Contact your lender with an offer.
Step 3: Finalize the deal.

If you are a lender:

Contact us: we will use our novel solution to
minimize your losses!

Read these articles for details:
Affordable Dream: an alternative to loosing your big dream completely!
Well, you cannot make payments for your house, car or any other high value assets: that can happen to anyone!

You do not have to loose all your investment in your dream house, a car, etc.: find a smaller dream!

Just follow these simple steps or contact us: we provide a new alternative to foreclosures.

Check the papers and presentation to learn more.

Check other solutions and send yours:
join the Affordable Dream Challenge!
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